The Mission of the Magnolia Business Alliance shall be to improve the overall business environment in the Region such that small and medium business enterprises (SME) operate in a business climate based on fair competition that promotes economic well being to the SME, employees, and the surrounding community.


  • To define, establish and support business development workshops whereby attendees obtain “hands on” support in the incorporation process for new business, workshops would conclude with the submission of incorporation application to one’s respective state.
  • To develop and distribute community awareness material supporting small and medium sized businesses in general.
  • To provide a forum and environment whereby the members of the alliance (MBA) may meet to review RP requirements set forth by Government entities for impartiality and completeness.
  • To educated elected officials in the development of economic practices and incentives that facilitate the well being, growth, and success of small and mediumĀ  sized enterprises in the region, to educate and make aware to elected officials specific needs of small and medium sized businesses in the state and region.
  • To maintain relationships and liaison with educational institutions, government research institutes, other technology consortia, and other organizations that support and contribute to the development of specifications and standard for technology.
  • To provide a single voice for membership to elected officials in response to needs directly relevant to small and medium sized enterprises.
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