Agile Methodology Adoption Assessment

Magnolia Business Alliance Agile Methodology Adoption Assessment

Agile Software Development is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams as defined by the non-profit Agile Alliance.  Agile methods are increasingly being used on federal government and commercial projects.  Many requests for proposals now ask for contractor qualifications in Agile Software Development methodologies however there are several competing organizational and individual standards and certifications.  Small and medium enterprises have limited resources to pursue multiple certifications for a single domain.

The Magnolia Business Alliance (MBA) Agile Methodology Adoption Assessment (AMAA) provides small organizations an assessment tool to complete and then submit to MBA for review by subject matter experts (SMEs).  The assessment provides a rating indicating the adoption level of agile methodologies within an organization.   This assessment is based directly on the widely-accepted 2006 research of McAvoy et. al who developed the “Agile Methodology Critical Adoption Factor Matrix”.  An organization with a rating of 70% or higher is considered by MBA to be an agile organization.   While not yet an international standard this assessment provides a third-party evaluation of an organization’s qualifications for proposals and other ventures and is based on principles widely accepted by industry and government for this rapidly evolving software development methodology.

MBA is offering this assessment as a free service to members.  Click the following link to download the assessment matrix.  Fill out the yellow-shaded areas, save the document, and email it to for review.

MBA Agile Methodology Adoption Assessment form

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